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What is micellar technology?

Updated: May 10, 2021

In today’s rapid and technology-rich world the issue regarding environment pollution has been raised more and more often. It obviously makes us also consider how to take care of the skin, what cosmetics to choose in order to preserve it while ensuring maximally good and effective care. In the beauty care industry we often come upon the term – micellar technology, which in the 21st century is widely spread by producers and loved by consumers because cosmetics produced based on micellar technology are capable of cleansing our skin from accumulated dirt in a gentle and tender way keeping its natural moisture without making it dry.

What is micellar technology?

Why exactly micellar technology?


Micellar technology is unique because of its component – active ingredient micelle. What are micelles? They are microscopic tiny mutually associated molecules which are capable of attracting both water (hydrophilic) and fat (lipophilic), so it is possible to remove not only water-soluble dirt, but also fat-soluble dirt. Micelles covers and in a gentle way removes dirt from the skin acting like a magnet drawing the tiny dirt particles in the centre of its structure making removal of cosmetics easy and pleasant – without friction and irritation of the skin. The micellar technology is used not only in the facial skin care, but also widely in the body skin care.

Micellar body cosmetics, produced using the micellar technology, are gentle and mild, therefore it is suitable for people with sensitive skin or with tendency to allergy.

Micellar technology body care products by Code of Beauty.

Latvian company Code of Beauty with more than 15 years of experience in body cosmetics production, caring for the wellbeing of its consumer, has created unique cosmetics for the body care based on the micellar technology. The product line comprises the following:

hand & body cream

Micellar soap – opposite to regular soap which may contain alkali and makes the skin feel tightening and dry, these remove the dirt from the skin in a gentle and mild way while moisturising it with natural raw materials.

micellar shower gel

Micellar shower gel – the shower gel with micellar technology is designed to mitigate the impact of the surrounding environment, pollution and dirt impact on the skin which may damage, dry and irritate it. For better result make foam of the shower gel and apply the foam on the skin, rinse with warm water and enjoy gentle and clean skin.

micellar cleansing water

The micellar water is a unique product which is now to be found in the beauty care stock of every modern woman.Its main task is to deep-cleanse the skin and tone it. Why choose the micellar water? Unlike foaming facial wash products which are easy to use, they similarly to soap may also dry the skin, resulting in unpleasant and dry-skin feeling, but the use of the micellar water gives the skin real comfort, without damaging the epidermis.

intime wash lotion

The micellar intime soap – respectful care for the women intimate health ensuring the skin care and protection thanks to the micellar technology. Depending on the skin type and requirements to for body care products, Code of Beauty products will gently care and give comfort to everyone because we believe that everybody deserves the gentlest care for their body. More micellar products on

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