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The hand skin mirrors personal health. How to nurture and care for the skin on hands?

Updated: May 10, 2021

Every day our hands may do hundreds of important works at home and outside, that is why our hand skin deserves special attention and care. When it gets cold and the heating season starts, we should pay special attention to hand skin care because in the warm rooms the air is dry and it harms our skin taking away its natural moisture and making the skin of the hands dry. Whereas, when we go outside to do day to day errands, we feel the opposite – cold wind, frost and fallout which slow down our blood flow in the skin and delay metabolism processes. In the winter season we are afraid from unwanted viruses and wash our hands more often, washing away the natural protective layer of the skin which results in the skin losing its moisture, nutrients, elasticity and it starts to crack. Our beauty expert team has summarized valuable tips for the skin care of hands in cold weather:

1. Do not wash hands with too hot water, better choose warm or even lukewarm water for washing the hands because hot water dries the skin, but cold water promotes the skin peeling off.

2. Wash hands with soap containing moisturising components, such as natural plant oil or micellar soap, which unlike antibacterial and gel-like soaps contains nourishing components and moisturises the skin.

hand and body soap

Code of Beauty has made micellar hand and body soap which contains carefully selected components with power and gentleness. Valuable minerals and Pro-vitamin B5 activate the exchange processes in the skin, soften and restore it.

3. To cleanse the hand skin with a scrub which will remove the dead skin cells from the skin. Using scrub improves the blood circulation and facilitates better performance of the hand care products.

4. To use hand cream every day as obligatory habit in hand care routine.

Moisturising or nourishing hand cream?

When the key secrets for proper hand care are known, it is important to choose suitable hand cream for yourself. Hand care products are divided by their effect in moisturising and protection. The hand skin moisturising creams can be quickly absorbed in the skin without leaving oily layer on it. It is recommended to use them during daytime, for example, at work alternately to daily activities. It is important to remember that moisturising creams should not be used shortly before going outside because the cream just applied will evaporate and the skin will get even dryer.

Code of Beauty softening hand cream for daily care, it contains valuable pro-vitamin B5

hand cream

which strengthens protective functions of the skin and promotes skin cell rejuvenation immediately giving healthy look to the skin. Aloe will ensure prolonged moisturising suitable for the skin condition, but almond oil improves skin colour and will make the hands look more youthful.

Protective cream has a consistency that is fattier and designed for dry or even damaged hand skin. Preferably apply protective creams in moments when you do not have to work by hands actively so that the cream gets properly absorbed in the skin.

protective hand cream

Code of Beauty light-texture protective hand cream for very dry skin and damaged hand skin is designed for this purpose. It contains carefully selected components which rejuvenate damaged and tired skin. Shea butter contains A, E and F vitamins that generously nourishes and calms the skin. The valuable pro-vitamin B5 heals microcracks and softens the skin around nails, preventing formation of hangnails, whereas aloe will ensure prolonged moisturising and create a protective barrier on the skin surface.

Welcome the winter in harmony, touching your loved ones with a gentle palm resulting from Code of Beauty products!

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