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Code Of Beauty

“Code of beauty” is a line of cosmetic products made in Latvia and developed according to a micellar technology combining specially selected ingredients to ensure gentle daily body care. It is developed with the aim to take care of each consumer’s well-being by protecting the skin and hair against the adverse environmental effects and providing them with so needed amino acids, vitamins, minerals and other bioactive components. “Code of beauty” is based on two core components which have been recognized for years as basic ones for health and beauty – Aloe Vera and Micelles.


Initially Aloe Vera was used as a medicinal herb in Ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt; however, with the development of science, Aloe Vera useful qualities in beauty treatment were discovered. Aloe Vera is a concentrated cocktail of vitamins and minerals with pronounced regenerating and nourishing qualities. It contains 18 to 20 amino acids, which ensure long-lasting and deep hydration, deliver oxygen to tissues, develop protecting skin surface barrier and prevent from water loss.


While micelles possess a fantastic quality to clean both dirt soluble in water and in fats, sweat and other skin excretions. For this reason, micelles may perform multiple actions - cleansing, moisturizing, toning and protecting the skin from dryness.

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