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An Irreplaceable Product in Your Skin Care Ritual: Refreshing Face and Body Toner

Updated: May 10, 2021

The refreshing face and body toner not only allows to freshen up the skin during the hottest months of the year but is also useful to take care of the elasticity, smoothness and healthy appearance of the skin throughout the year with a moisturizing and nourishing force. The refreshing face and body toner is one of the most versatile products in the range of cosmetics that have joined the mission not only to make the face and body moisturized and fresh throughout the day, but also to be used as a makeup base or as an additional facial moisturizer when working on a computer, because computer radiation negatively affects the skin on our face – it can become drier, its natural defences decrease. The skin succumbs to the harmful effects of the external environment more easily, becomes more susceptible to various bacteria. As a result, irritation, itching, redness may occur. Working on a computer contributes to premature skin aging, faster appearance of wrinkles, so it is important to use a spray moisturizer designed to provide a quick and convenient refreshment of the skin whenever necessary, thanks to its soothing, moisturizing formulas that are quickly absorbed into the skin and leave a feeling of freshness.

Moisturized and healthy skin throughout the day.

Face and body spray toners are the perfect addition to your daily routine whenever you need to freshen up! Even if you feel fresh and well rested, the face spray moisturizer can be useful every time your skin feels a little dry. Just spray the toner with a few movements of the hand, and your skin is fresh again! Facial and body moisturizing products usually contain nourishing ingredients: coconut water, rose water or aloe vera, which benefit sensitive skin as well.

Refreshing Face and Body Toner from Code of Beauty

Refreshing Face and Body Toner

Code of Beauty, a cosmetics brand created in Latvia, offers a moisturizing spray based on a unique formula, containing aloe vera, rosewater, panthenol and spirulina extract. In the beauty world, aloe vera is known for its moisturizing and cooling properties, and it also has an antibacterial effect, while rosewater serves as a touch of beauty to any type of skin, since it also takes care of dry and sensitive skin.

The refreshing toner for face and body will be great for the summer season, as well as to freshen up your skin while working on the computer every day, or when travelling by plane. We suggest choosing more products from the Code of Beauty micellar facial line so that your skin is moisturized and feels fresh every day!

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