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Why "Code of Beauty"? 

From the ancient times every woman has tried to find a special magic cure, which would allow to reveal a beauty and youth secret. There is no one specific beauty and youth formula as it may involve different beauty rituals and cosmetic products developed in laboratories under the guidance of chemists or in a home kitchen from natural products. Having combined more than fifteen years’ successful experience in the development of cosmetic products and having performed detailed research, a unique line of cosmetic products - “Code of beauty” - was created. Its basic composition includes two valuable components appreciated in beauty treatment and recognized as beauty and youthfulness sources for years – Aloe Vera and Micelles.


We believe that, having combined these two raw materials, we have created an unprecedented line of body care cosmetic products, in which a beauty formula is encoded. Did you know that the eternal beauty symbol - the Egyptian queen Cleopatra used in particular Aloe Vera for her skin and hair beauty? Now you also have an opportunity to try a unique effect of Aloe Vera and Micelles on your skin and obtain eternal beauty and youthfulness!

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