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Cosmetics brand Code of Beauty extend their line

Updated: May 10, 2021

This week already, on the 2nd May, cosmetics brand Code of Beauty will present their newest accomplishment – hand and feet creams – for consumer opinion. They will be available for purchase in Maxima which is one of the largest retail chain stores in Latvia.

The line is extended with two types of hand creams – moisturising hand cream designed for daily care of the skin on hands and protective hand cream particularly for dry and damaged hand skin. Both hand creams contain selected exquisite components – aloe, zinc and pro-vitamin B5, which strengthen protective functions of the skin, promote skin cell regeneration, heal the microcracks and moisturises for a long time.

sun protection body oil

In the same way, softening cream for leg and foot wellness has been created which contains raw materials most characteristic to the brand – aloe and pro-vitamin B5.

Code of Beauty is the latest brand of Latvian company SIA “Cita Lieta”. The company is more broadly known as a producer and wholesaler of soaps and bath bombs as well as Pien- DAIRY SPA, which is the only cosmetics line in the world that is based on milk whey concentrate.

Code of Beauty washing products have been designed on the basis of micellar technology and they containa a combination of exquisitely selected components such as aloe, avocado oil, argan oil, lactic acid, panthenol, camomile extract, quince extract and wheat protein. The selected raw materials will ensure tender care of the body, protecting the skin and hair against adverse environmental impact.The cosmetics line includes eleven different washing products: micellar hand and body soap, micellar shower gels, micellar shampoos and conditioners, micellar intime soaps and micellar water designed for different skin and hair types. Whereas, for the body skin care there are three products – moisturising and protective hand cream and softening foot cream.

Code of Beauty brand was launched at the end of year 2018.

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