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Code of Beauty is awarded 2nd place in the competition “Best Packaging in Latvia 2019”

Updated: May 10, 2021

The national competition “Best Packaging in Latvia 2019” closed on the 12th November, the packaging of Code of Beauty cosmetics series was awarded 2nd place in the category of retail packaging for non-food products. In total 20 competitors participated in the competition with 40 packages and packaging series.

The competition had several stages where works were evaluated both by consumers and expert panel. Works submitted in September and October were evaluated by visitors of international exhibitions “Riga Food” and “Design Isle” as well as industry experts, competition supporters and internet users. Evaluation of the judges was determined by the following criteria: structure, shape, design, functionality, impression, quality of sale, etc.

Code of Beauty cosmetics serial packaging scored 77.25 out of 100 points according to the judges. “Good, tasteful packaging series of very high quality, fine design characterising valuable cosmetic product series, it gives pleasant, exquisite impression,” the judges comment.

Micellar shampoo & sun cooling gel & refreshing mist

The traditional national competition for the best packaging has been held since 1996. It is announced every year in August and their works may be applied by packaging clients, designers, manufacturers, packagers and product distributors. The competition works are evaluated by both consumers and professional expert panel of packaging. According to decisions by the expert panel, Grand Prix awardee may receive a certificate for participation in the international competition WorldStar For Packaging Excellence which is organised by the World Packaging Organisation.

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