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Cita Lieta Ltd. launches a new cosmetics brand “Code of Beauty”

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Code of Beauty


The Latvian Limited Liability Company “Cita Lieta” engaged in the soap and bath bombs manufacturing and wholesale since 2005 has launched a new cosmetics brand “Code of Beauty”. At the beginning of December, the new cosmetics brand will be available in the largest retail chains.

“Code of Beauty” is developed according to a micellar technology and combines specially selected components such as aloe, avocado oil, argan oil, lactic acid, panthenol, camomile extract, quince extract and wheat protein. Selected raw materials will ensure gentle body care protecting skin and hair against adverse environmental effects. The cosmetic line includes eleven different cosmetic products: micellar hand and body soap, micellar shower gels, micellar shampoos and conditioners, micellar intimate soap and micellar water for different types of skin and hair.

However, it does not mean that work on the new line range has stopped. It is planned that soon the range of products will be supplemented.


Cita Lieta Ltd. team tells that work on the new cosmetic line was quite long and complicated starting from the idea about a new cosmetic line to the tangible result. “We wished to create an unprecedented cosmetic line in terms of technology and ingredients with an elegant design at affordable prices for every consumer. We believe that each person deserves complete body care and bringing one’s washing ritual to a luxury level. In our view, the result has been achieved.”


The company Cita Lieta Ltd. has wide experience in creation of cosmetic brands as it has created and owns Pien- DAIRY SPA, the only cosmetic line in the world developed on the basis of the milk whey concentrate, and Ceano cosmetics. Furthermore, it has exported products to over more than 47 countries and has helped to create of several cosmetic brands.

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